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12.17.09  YES we're still here! The new site is completely integrated with Paypal and you can seamlessly place orders, paying by paypal, on our new site. You can also use Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover on our new website. Please click Here or visit ... for some reason, this seemed to be unclear that we have a new website, hence, we will no longer be posting updates on this old website. This will be the last update on this old website. Please shop at our new website. You can also follow us, now, on twitter at

11.03.06  YES we're still here! The new site is completely integrated with Paypal and you can seamlessly place orders, paying by paypal, on our new site. Please click Here or visit

12.29.05  YES we're still here and the 2005 Holiday Season is great, and we thank all of our customers for it. 2006 will be a very exciting year for We have implemeted better customer service tools and will switch our system over 100% in early 2006. Right now we are still experiencing some quirkyness with the new system, but it should be resolved very soon. We will also integrate Paypal payments into our new website to better streamline orders. Finally, we will be making major improvements to the new site and we encourage you to order items there. We will post a note when the new site is completely integrated with paypal for all of those who use the old site because you prefer to use paypal 

12.14.04  YES we're still here.  No update from July to now cuz we've been very busy.  In fact, right now we're busier than we have ever been in the history of the site!!  I'd like to ask that you please do not send emails asking if we received your email.  If it didn't bounce and return to you, chances are we received it.  We're about 2 weeks backlogged on emails and every time an email is sent asking if we received the first, it only slows things down.  Also, please utilize our new site.  The tools on it are more robust so when an item is out of stock, we can quickly mark it so.  Also, you no longer NEED to have a paypal account to shop with us.  The URL is: 

I guess that's it for now.  Back to those emails I go!

07.30.04  Slowly but surely, we will be adding X-Box parts.  Please CLICK HERE to Email us and let us know what X-Box parts you are seeking!

07.20.04  As of July 12, we are now in our new space in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Hoorah!!  With the new space and better organization, we will soon be carrying X-Box parts, so keep an eye out for it in the next month or two!  

06.15.04  PRICE DROPS on DVD Drives to 79.95.  400B and 400C lasers are 49.95.  V9 reset cables and V9 laser gears have been added to the website.  Flip top case tops have also been added.  Vertical case stands are on the way and will be added shortly.  X-Box stuff will also be trickling in some time in July.  Thanks for your business and spread the word about our site!!!

05.12.04  PRICE DROPS!  Lasers have been dropped to $53.95, brand new, including shipping for 400B and 400C models.  Open face dropped to $59.95.

05.12.04  We've been backlogged from the move.  We're working hard to answer your emails and fill all orders for May.  Thank you for your patience!

03.16.04  Plans have changed!  Beginning early April, I will be dedicating 100% to the website.  We will be carrying a greater selection of parts on the site.  Starting in July or August we will start selling New and/or Refurb PS2s.
New Parts Added Recently: V9 Power Supply Unit, V9 "Quiet" Fan (can replace V4-V7 fans), more to come!

03.10.04  In late June to early July, we will be doing two things.  First, I will be dedicating 100% to this website rather than working a day job AND handling the website.  Secondly, I will be moving operations from the New York City area to the Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach), VA area.  With these steps, we will be shipping orders out faster, we will be expanding our website, and we will increase our product line to include either new &/or refurbished PS2s.  We will also be adding live online customer support.  More to come soon...

01.09.04 My developer and I are currently working on a repair monitor database.  This will help streamline repairs that are sent into, providing constant updates as to when your repair is received, and an estimate is complete.  The Bad News Is, in the process, my database was hosed.  Records from DEC 22 until today have been lost.  Any orders placed between those dates are still retained [thank goodness for paper] and anything that has not shipped should go out this weekend.  Thanks again.  Great things are to follow shortly at!

01.09.04 December was an EXTREMELY busy month and I thought January would let up, but it hasn't.  As a result, there is a couple of days delay on both orders and email responses.  I hope to be all caught up by this weekend.  That you for your patience throughout the past 4 or so weeks, and thank everyone for their business.  And finally, belated Happy Holidays! :-)

11.25.03 I've added a WHICH LASER? section to the website.  CLICK HERE to check it out -- it will assist in determining which laser you need for your PS2.

I will be picking up a 50001 model from the store to check it out.  I will add a 50001 [v9] parts section to the website as soon as I can determine what is in there,

10.07.03 PS2 Laser PRICE DROP.  Brand New PS2 lasers are now 59.95 including shipping!!  New products will be added shortly including the CD and some other items.  We will soon create an email list to announce new products.  A newsletter is also being considered.

10.02.03 I'm all caught up from the vacation, FINALLY, and am back on track.  A new "Disc Read Errors" page has been added with light troubleshooting and parts.  Also, Game Boy Color battery covers are now available as well as the tool to open Game Boy Advanced units.

Click Here for the Disc Read Errors page.
Click Here for the Game Boy Parts page.

09.05.03 -- 09.14.03 -- will be on Vacation.  Orders and Emails will be accepted during this time, but they will not be answered or shipped until the early to middle of the week of 09.15.03 -- 09.21.03.  Thank you for your business!!

08.19.03 - All caught up.  Thanks again for your patience through this. 

08.15.03 3:30 A.M. - Power is back.  Please expect delays in shipping, repairs, and email replies since I am trying to get back on track here.  It's 3:30 A.M. and I will be up packing yesterday's orders.  Any order placed in the afternoon yesterday into today will not ship until Saturday or Monday morning.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

07.12.03 - Silver cases have been posted.  Also, a limited number of V5/V7 Open Face type motherboards are now available. 

06.21.03 - Click HERE to see a sample of the silver case.  If you are interested, email me!  I should have them Friday!  Thanks.

06.18.03 - Coming soon -- COLORED PS2 cases.  The first color available will be silver.  I will see how they sell and maybe add more colors.  Any interest in silver or another color?  Please CLICK HERE and email me and you can be the first to get one!  Price will be 49.95 including shipping or 49.95 if you want us to transfer your system into the new case!

06.06.03 - I've added Game Boy Advanced screens and battery covers to the site.  $7.95 each on all -- as usual, all prices on INCLUDE shipping!!

05.26.03 - Version 3 Motherboards added to the site for $69.95 incl. shipping.  Enjoy!

04.21.03 - Complete V3 & V4 drives with NEW laser added.  Drive tray gears added.  DVD drive screws added.  Enjoy!!

04.21.03 - SHOP BY VERSION Is Ready!  If you find a problem with it, please let me know.   Click Here to Check it out!!!

03.29.03 - I've added a return policy page.  I've also added an "other services" page where I will list places to get services I don't provide.  These are trusted sources or I would not list them.  They're not paying to be listed, but rather, I'm doing it as a service to my customers.  If anyone receives less than good treatment, please let me know ASAP!  I received the V3 DVD Drive cables and they are listed.  I will be receiving PS1 Laser cables shortly and I am still working on the "Shop By Version" pages.    

03.18.03 - Added two new products: RF Adapter and V4 DVD Drive Battery Board.  I will have V3 DVD Drive cables on the site starting Thursday or Friday.  They are on their way and I am anxiously awaiting them.  Price will be $18.95 including priority mail shipping.  Thanks!

02.12.03 - I'm working on a Shop by Version section of the website which would help you determine the version number of your console, and point you to a page with parts only for your console.  This should hopefully relieve any doubt as to if you're purchasing the right part for your version or not.  Of course, you could always email me and ask.  Thanks!

01.22.03 - I've added a message board to the site.  Hopefully everyone is friendly and helpful there.  I'll post where I can.  I'm working on adding more descriptive descriptions to products so no one orders the wrong thing by accident (I've updated the picture to the control port already.  I've also added more working and pictures to the laser and laser cable product pages).  I'm also working on a "how to determine PS2 version?" page with pictures and everything.  That should be ready by early to mid February.   Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

01.01.03 - I just want to start out the new year thanking everyone for their feedback.  Through product requests, I have built up my inventory from psx spindle hubs and motors to all kinds of ps2 parts.  As always, if you do not see a part on the website, I encourage you to email me asking for it.  I have lots of spare parts that I didn't even think to list on the site [screws, legs, DVD drive magnets, laser guides, etc] because I never knew people would be interested.  This year I will work on listing them, as well as keeping a somewhat real time inventory.  I will also add more specific descriptions and more pictures to make sure you order the correct items for your unit.  Hopefully 2003 will be prosperous for us all.  Game on! 

12.22.02 - Any backlogged orders have been taken care of and will ship tomorrow.  I'm very sorry for the delay, but I have not had time to pull used parts off PS2's until this weekend.  I've disassembled just about all of them and separated all the good parts so that I will not have this problem again.  Happy Holidays!  

11.27.02 - New PS2 Internal Fans are on order and should arrive early next week!  Newly redesigned ps2 parts page is here for your viewing pleasure!  Also, a new Shipping Information section has been added.

11.19.02 - The main page [ps1 parts] has been redesigned once again, for your viewing pleasure.  If you click images and part descriptions, you will go into a page with more in depth descriptions.  Images also added for PS ONE AC Adapter and PS ONE Car Adapter. 

11.05.02 - New items have been added including PSX/PS2 power cords, PS One ac and car adapters and PS2 power switch.  I'm working on yet another redesign to clean up the site a bit.  I don't like all the scrolling that has to be done to get to the product on the bottom.  The new site will have thumbnail, short description, price, add to cart.  Then you'll be able to click through to the short description for more information on the item.  Coming soon [before Thaksgiving hopefully!]

10.21.02 - Playstation 2 USB Fans are here!  Shipping for $16.95!  I am still working on getting CD/DVD Drive cables and hopefully will have them soon.  Thanks!

- Today is Columbus Day and the Post Office is closed. Unfortunately for me, I found this out AFTER I got there. Anyway, all orders placed friday or this weekend that didn't already ship will go out tomorrow. Thanks!!

10.10.02 - The app is done and to celebrate, I am offering Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS!!  Prices were raised slightly, but shipping is now FREE on everything, and YOU SAVE!  Don't pass this up!  Remember, if you don't see an item you need, email me and I'll try and get it for you!

09.30.02 - Pictures for the playstation 2 power boards have been posted.  I am having someone work on an app to streamline operations.  This will allow better communication from me to you!

09.19.02 - Voila!  Enjoy the new design.  All Feedback is appreciated... just click the Email Us! button on the left.

09.16.02 - Playstation 2 motherboard fuses and power supply boards are on order.  I should have them by Friday.  If you need either of these items, drop me and email and I'll let you know when I receive them! 

09.12.02 - I keep getting emails asking if I'm still in business.  I'm still very much in business.  I've been adding more and more products to my website as people as for them.  So, if you need something you don't see listed, please email me and let me know what it is.  If you want it, chances are, someone else is looking for it too.  And if I can get it, I'll sell it at a great price!

I will be redesigning the website soon, starting with the Playstation 2 page.  I've been adding more and more products and will be adding Motherboard Fuses, and Power Supply Boards [for both V1-V3 and V4 and up] very shortly.  The current tiling design is getting really bad as I add more and more products.  Look for the new design sometime before the end of the month.

That's about it.  If you have any questions or comments, PLEASE email me.  I will reply swiftly, as I check my email very frequently [can't keep my customers waiting!].

Please email me at or click the button below .  

All e-mail is answered promptly.  

If you would like to pay by Check or Money order, please email me at and let me know how many and which item(s) you need.  Email will be answered promptly.